Magic Number 19.


Hello, friends. It’s me again. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise. This blog is the 1,240,851th blog that I’ve created in my lifetime. Why is that? I can’t really tell for sure. But let me reassure you that I really will try my best this time to keep blogging, as long as you keep reading.

What I can confirm is that I’ve transformed over the past year across many facets of life. The most significant changes that have occurred in my life have been big transformations in my health, fitness, and food habits.

19. That’s the magic number currently. What does this number symbolize? It’s not my age. That’s 8 years past. It could be the number of minutes I usually hit snooze for until I get my booty out of bed in the morning. Oh, wait, no. Wait, yes, it is. Perhaps I should just set my alarm 19 minutes later?

19. This number represents the number of lbs that I’ve lost this year alone. Yes!!! Pick that jaw up off the ground. YTD in 2011 I’ve lost a total of 19 pounds so far. I know, I know. It sounds pretty crazy. I can tell you that something in me was triggered late last year. I woke up one day thinking “Damn, how did I let myself go like this?” You see, bit by bit, little by little, my fitness levels declined while my unhealthy food intake inclined. It just happened. I can’t explain why or how, but it just did.

Now, it’s April 2011 and I can be proud that I have worked my butt off to get to where I’m at today. 19 lbs for a 5’3.5” girl is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of dedication at the gym and ensuring that I fuel myself properly with healthy foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in desserts (Menchie’s is the best thing to be created) and I still eat my carbs (I have an obsession with gnocchi and brown rice). However, never in my life have I eaten so many vibrant colorful veggies (note: picture above is a dish that I make that’s to-die-for). Trust me, it’s a good thing. No butter needed!

Anyway, I’ve started this new blog to chronicle my journey through life, through 2011 into a fabulously fit foodie. 🙂

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