Lots of activity!!

Hi, friends! It’s been a while. I’ve really been bad about keeping up with the whole bloggin’ thing. I guess I just really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and am more consistent with that than updating my own. Smile

Just wanted to provide a little update for y’all…

Lately, we’ve been enjoying some great outdoor activities: surfing, golfing, running, and… well, not so enjoyable is tripping-while-running-and-getting-injured! What can I say? The nice weather in Seattle has been few and far between, so needing to take advantage of any sunny day we get.

Hitting up Westport on a gorgeous, sunny, mid-70s day. So much fun! If you’ve never surfed, I highly suggest you get to your nearest surf shop and get ready to cowabunga!! Surfs up, braaaa!


Golfing for my first time. I don’t think I’m going to be a future PGA tour winner, but Joe is really getting into it, and I’m so happy for him. I really enjoyed riding a golf cart for the first time. Smile


Hmm… regarding injuring myself while running. Let me think back. It was last Wednesday night. We were embarking on a 10 mile run, and mid-way through on Ballard Bridge my shoe got caught on a metal piece and I completely Superman’ed through the air. Totally busted both knees, my elbow, and my hand. The picture below looks much better than reality.


Let’s not forget that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon is coming up just days away. I’ve listened to my body and rested for the past five days and refrained from running. I’m almost back to normal and ready to kick ass! I’ve had no formal training plan at all. Maybe for my next race I should. However, in reviewing the running I’ve done since April, I’ve logged over 200 miles! Is that crazy or what? I’m pretty proud, being that I’ve never really enjoyed running up until this year.

Speaking of running, does anyone ever care about what they wear when running/working out? I just noticed the other day that I really feel best when I’m wearing something very comfortable and stylish! I’m really loving my outfit below. Perhaps I’ll wear it for the race.


For anyone curious, I have a repository of tons and tons of un-posted food pictures that I’ve taken the past few months. I plan on posting a few of my favorite foodie pics in an upcoming post. Follow me on Twitter as I like to tweet about what I eat. Delish!

Oh, before I forget… a big change in our lives will be occurring come mid-July. The introduction of a fuzzy pup Boston Terrier pup named Lola. Pics to come!

Till next time…

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