Things I’m Currently Loving: September Edition

Can you believe that it’s already September? Seriously!! Where did summer go? Well, if you’re in Seattle, you know that summer in Seattle the past couple of years have been barely-there. This year, summer started really late and we’re currently enjoying upper-70s here and there. I’d like this to be forever summer. Can someone please make that happen? Listen to me, Seattle weather gods.

I was thinking the other day that there are some things that I’m currently in love with and can’t live without. I figured I’d create a list and share with you all!

iPod Nano with Multi-Touch Screen

My boyfriend got this for me as a gift and I have been absolutely blown-away by how much better it is for running. It’s pink, of course! Instead of wearing my previous-generation iPod Nano in a Nike+ armband (it was always super gross and sweaty!), I can simply clip this onto my shirt or waistband of my running shorts. It’s super small, about an 1” around, and I love the touch screen aspect of it. And what’s not to love with a pink iPod? Love it.


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I wear eyeliner everyday and really prefer gel eyeliner pots over pencil or liquid. Perhaps it’s  just me, but I’ve found that applying gel eyeliner with a fine MAC eyeliner brush creates a long-lasting, smudge-proof, and precise line. I also enjoy Laura Mercier’s version, too, but BB is the way to go on this one. I’m pretty sure I bought mine at Sephora.


Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt

Obviously, I had to go with pink. In this case, the color is actually Berry. I bought this at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle expo (Sports Authority vendor booth) back in June right before my 1/2 marathon. I decided that I wanted to forego most of the hydration stations along the 13.1-mile course, and wanted a hydration belt that was sturdy, hydrated me adequately, and didn’t look butt-ugly. This fit the bill. I couldn’t have asked for a better hydration belt to have! Perfect for races, long runs, and short runs alike. Highly recommend.


Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

My love for self-serve frozen yogurt certainly hasn’t died! I don’t go as often before, but I always view this as being the perfect sweet treat. You can serve yourself as much or as little as you want, and top the froyo with crushed Kit Kat bars, Heath, Thin Mints, etc. Umm, hello? Yes, count me in!


Cooking Channel

We recently decided to cancel HBO – for some reason, I just never got hooked on the HBO shows like True Blood, and never found any movies playing to my liking. So, instead, we got the expanded expanded cable which included Cooking Channel. I absolutely love this channel! The shows featured on this channel are different than those playing on Food Network. It feels more homegrown, and cozy. They feature a lot of food-finds-in-my-town type of shows, but they do play old Giada Everyday Italian shows, which I love love love! If you have this channel, be sure to check it out.

Online Deal Sites

All of sudden, recently, I became an online deal shopping fiend. I’ve been purchasing things from Rue La La, Gilt, Tippr, Groupon, LivingSocial, everything! My favorite is Rue La La. I’ve found some great stuff on there, fashionable, and something that I’m constantly perusing for accessories. I’m still a bit weary of buying clothes online, as I like trying on and making sure it fits.


Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

I love this book! At a whopping 480 pages, this book contains over 600 exercises with detailed color photographs. For someone like myself who’s been much more into cardio than strength training, I have found it super useful in terms of introducing me to new moves and showing me visually how it should be done. For novice and advanced moves, you’ll find it all! You can find this book here: The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU!.

Alright, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed my current favorites! I look forward to sharing more in the near future. One thing I know will be back on that list is the upcoming re-introduction of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Hooray!!

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