Nike Women’s Half Marathon: Running Playlist

It’s currently past 1am and I’m up perfecting my half marathon playlist. Have I finished packing for my morning flight to SF? Nope! I need my music.

I went through iTunes’ top singles and parsed out the music that I’m liking and added it to my recent Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll playlist. And, of course, removed out music that I no longer find upbeat.

NWM 13.1 Playlist

This is plenty enough music to get me through the half marathon! You’ll notice that there are some duplicates at the end and I’m considering those my power songs to get me through the last stretch.

If you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist, look no further. Smile

Cheers! See you all after the race!

One thought on “Nike Women’s Half Marathon: Running Playlist

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