Happy National Running Day!

Today, June 6th, is National Running Day. Viewing my Twitter feed makes me happy to see that so many people are partaking in this “holiday.”

I’m a bit sad that I can do no running as I’m still in recovery mode from the marathon fall. However, I’m still running my little heart out in spirit.

@NikeWomen tweeted: “Today we celebrate runners with @NikeRunning—share this image & tell the world why you love to run…”


I run because it’s a neverending challenge. I’m not the fastest runner in a race, nor do running half and full marathons come easily to me.

I run because it’s hard work, because I love the elated feeling after a good run, and because it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy for years to come. I also love that with running comes the ability to indulge just a little bit more often. Mmm.

Now I ask you: Why do you love to run? Did you celebrate National Running Day by hitting the pavement or hamster wheel?

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