Last Days of Summer in LA: Day 1

This weekend is turning out to be epic already! Yesterday afternoon, we packed up for a weekend in sunny LA with our awesome friends, Jay and Lindsay.

To begin with, we decided to Über over to the airport. Über, if you haven’t tried, is an awesome town car service that you can easily book through your mobile app. The service is available in many major metropolitan cities like SF and NYC.

We were expecting the typical town car but, to our surprise, a BMW 7 series showed up. Baller! This was the most luxurious ride I’ve been in and sure beats out Yellow Cab. This one even had cute mini waters.


Once we got to the airport, we checked in at Virgin America and had the most luxurious flight ever. Earlier before the flight, we decided to upgrade to first class. Best decision ever. Jay and Lindsay say that Virgin has the best first class and they were right.

As soon as we got onboard the flight, our flight attendant “Papi” immediately asked what beverage we wanted. I went with a vodka soda with splash of cran. Delicious.


Despite a relatively short flight, we got served an amazing menu.


I kid you not — the meal they served was absolutely delicious! Jay and Lindsay raved about the prawn dish they had when they flew up to visit us the past weekend. They didn’t have the same entrees tonight but the Almond Chicken was amazing!!


The chicken was served on top of a red quinoa pilaf. I need to figure out how to re-create this. The dessert was also really good too. Yum.


In addition to the food and drinks, I watched 21 Jump Street. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a while. Super funny.

The LAX tunnel always seems a bit eery to me.


Once we got to our friends’ house, we hung out for a little bit until we headed to a reservation we had at City Tavern, a cool tavern specializing in American comfort food, craft beers, and California wine.


We had a reservation for one of the popular tables that features its only private beer taps! That was seriously some cool ish. I enjoyed having the tap available at our disposal. They do shut off the tsp every 100 ounces or so to ensure that people don’t get stupid intoxicated.


As you can tell, I enjoyed trying our personal taps out.


In addition to the the beer selection, they had an extensive menu of comfort
food. I had crisp pork belly. Very good.


We were all dried up, so ready to call it a night.


One thought on “Last Days of Summer in LA: Day 1

  1. More yummy food pics! YAY! Side note, LOVE flying Virgin, we took it when we went to Seattle last summer! Can’t believe you went to City Tavern! It’s down the street from me! been wanting to try it FOREVA!!! Now that I see these cool table beer taps it totally just got bumped up on my list! Have fun!

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