Last Days of Summer in LA: Day 4

The last day of fun in the sun came on Sunday morning. We originally had grand plans of going surfing, but one-foot baby waves in the surf report canceled this out.

Instead, we hung out at the house getting started with an early morning rousing game of Wii bowling. When we play this, it always involves rules for strikes, errors, etc. and beer. There was one last game where I managed to bowl seven strikes!! I just had to take a picture of this for memory purposes and my barely-breaking-100 self will probably make a reappearance next time.


After some sufficient bowling time, we headed out to the pool in the complex. 80s weather in September is something I could get used to.


An afternoon of leisurely swimming and noodling turned into a full-blown cannonball photo shoot. Check out the awesome cannonballs we captured on my iPhone 4S.




So much fun!! Never knew cannonballs could be so organized.

At the end of the day, reality set in that it was time for us to head home to Seattle.

It was an awesome weekend in LA. So much went on from the cool personal tap at the City Tavern the first night, an epic beach cruiser pub crawl along the beach, my last double-digit long run of marathon training, Septemberfest beer fest in Santa Monica, and cannonballs galore.

Can’t wait till the next trip!

For now, as I write this post on Saturday, I’m in full-on marathon tapering mode. Only 8 days till Portland Marathon!

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