Updated Running Playlist: Portland Marathon

Hello! It’s currently 11pm on the Friday night before the Portland Marathon. We’re leaving tomorrow morning to drive down to Portland from Seattle, so I spent time going through my playlist and adding songs as my previous playlist was just over 2 hours long. During my long runs through training, I would sometimes cycle through the playlist over again. Kind of a pain when you know you’ve been running long enough to go through an entire playlist.

During races, I definitely like listening to music as it helps keep me pumped up and trucking along. The only race I haven’t listened to music was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half this past May. It was really difficult but I ended up with a half marathon PR of 1 second. Hmm, maybe lack of music can help!?

In case you’re looking for music ideas for your running playlist, I’m listing for you all 69 songs below. Total play time of 4.3 hours.

Here are the tunes. Hope you find some good ideas to add to your own! And think of me come Sunday morning.




My main goal is to finish and not fall like my first full! Please, pray for me. No falling. No tripping. Just run like normal. I’ve got this.

Redemption will be sweet.

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