FlyBarre is No Joke

Excuse me, ladies and gentleman. First of all, Happy Friday! Second of all, I am really sore. Like, really sore.

I owe this soreness not to the Portland Marathon that I ran just a little less than two weekends ago, but to the intense FlyBarre class that I took last night. It’s seriously no joke! I’ve told you in the past that FlyWheel cycling classes are crazy intense, buckets-of-sweat type of workouts (my first experience is recapped here.)

Now I’d like tell you about FlyBarre. Per their website Why FlyBarre?

FlyBarre provides a revolutionary form of body sculpting. It combines the disciplines of yoga, dance, circuit training, pilates and strength building with the Flywheel touch. Every instructor is experienced, creative and eager to push limits — yours and theirs.

A full-body workout based on high repetitions at low weights, FlyBarre is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt. Classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and challenging. We use a wide range of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting.

And our signature music helps to immerse and inspire you.

Come get your six-pack at the Barre. FlyBarre.

Umm… yes. I would like a six-pack.

The FlyBarre class last night was led by our instructor Beverly, whom I’ve had teach the class before. She’s great and I highly recommend attending her classes. I’m sure all of the other instructors are fantastic, though!

I attended the class with my usual FlyGirls, Lauren and Stacie, along with Lauren’s friend, Lindsay.

Stacie and I before the class:


FlyGirls after the kick-ass class:


See that long-sleeved tee? It’s the Oiselle Big Run Long Sleeve Tee. I absolutely love it and have worn it to both work and fitness.

The class itself is held in a barre studio with bars along mirrored walls. Each student gets their own mat along the wall and is instructed to have two sets of weights — one light and one heavier (though, to be quite honest, the crazy amounts of reps/pulsing that we do warranted only 1- and 2-lb weights for me) — and a stretch exercise bands and a ball for resistance work.

The entire time there’s awesome music playing and intense movements working out all areas of the body – arms, shoulders, abs/core, legs, EVERYTHING using the weights, the bar, and the mat. During certain points of the class, my muscles were so far beyond fatigue that they started quivering! Yes. Quivering. It’s really no joke. There were times when I had to literally catch my breathe or rest for a second from all the reps that we were doing.

The FlyWheel South Lake Union location is offering some specials for both FlyWheel cycling and FlyBarre classes. It’s great for people who know they’re going to attend classes at least a few times a week. Totally worth it! But ahhhhh… I really wish that it was more within my budget to do this frequently! I also have a membership to an amazing gym. Hmmm.

Though, for any brides-to-be, I inquired and they do have a special 6-month bridal package for FlyBarre located here. First month is $1 and then $160/month for the next 5+ months. It could be a perfect opportunity to shape and tone up in the 6 months leading up to the Big Day.

Of course, after the class we had to go to Veggie Grill, the Californian vegan chain that recently opened up in South Lake Union and now has a location in the University Village shopping center. Seriously amazing. Meat-eaters need not be afraid – I eat meat and I love VG!

I had the Bali Bliss sandwich which consisted of Indonesian-style tempeh, sautéed & grilled, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and chipotle ranch. So good. In addition, per Sarah, I got their special Carrot Cake to share with the table. Seriously… so delicious. I couldn’t believe how moist the cake was and their cream cheese was so good.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening of fitness and food for us girls.

Any other Seattle fly girls want to join in?20121019-192120.jpg

Before I forget, I just have to show you my cozy outfit for work today. My work is pretty casual to begin with but I just had to wear my Oiselle Start Line tee, paired with a tan cardy, a chunky gray knit scarf, and my Frye boots. Seriously made for a great Fall outfit.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “FlyBarre is No Joke

  1. I signed up for FlyBarre in Bellevue and bought the FlyBride package. Beverly is definitely my favorite but her sub this past week has been Kelly. She’s awesome and her music and intensity is comparable to Beverly’s. Highly recommend her.

    • Ah, FlyBarre and Beverly rocks. Have you done Flywheel? That is seriously one of the best workouts. Super intense and sweaty. I go to the location in South Lake Union. Let me know if you head over there and we can do a class together. 🙂

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