The Two F’s: Fashion and Food

As you can tell from my last blog post, this entire past week has been a crazy, fun whirlwind of new friends, running, and fun Oiselle Team news. It’s been simply amazing!

Now, since Sunday evening, I’ve had a few notable experiences with the two F’s, which I’m considering fashion and food for the sake of this blog post.

Let’s start with the first F… fashion.

Oiselle Couture
Paulette, another Oiselle bird, coined my outfit the other day as “a little Oiselle couture.” I wholeheartedly agree. šŸ™‚


I decided to finally wear my new Michael Kors leather jacket, which had been collecting dust with its tag still attached in the closet since early this year. I’ve never had a fancy leather jacket before and I never knew what to wear with it.

My motto — when in doubt, pair something fashionable like MK with something super cute and comfy. In this case, I paired the jacket with a Oiselle tee! Instantly, I transformed my outfit into casual chic… my kinda style.


What do you all think? Yay??

Onto the other fashion mentionable: a major online fashion shopping fail, two to be exact.


The first shopping fail was in the form of a pretty Aidan Mattox Petal Dress (link to Nordstrom but I bought mine from RueLaLa). As you can tell, this dress was not flattering on me at all. It felt too figure-less on my body and boxy. As my girl, Becky, says: “pretty dress though! You need one that goes va-VOOM.” I agree, Becky, I agree. šŸ™‚


The other fashion fail was a pair of Yummie Tummie Reversible Leggings, also purchased within the same RueLaLa order. Damn, RLL usually treats me so well.

The problem with these leggings was that they were seriously size negative 0000, if there was such a size. The waistband on these leggings was so small that I couldn’t even get it up past my booty. In addition, I had difficulty fitting my size 7 feet through the leg openings. Really??? Crazy.


Lesson learned: don’t go with Yummie Tummie, or any other apparel company. Only go with Oiselle. Bird fashion is the way to go.

Needless to say, both the petal dress and the leggings were promptly packed back up for return.

But… before I sign off on the fashion front, I must say that I love my Toms ballet flats and could wear them every day.


Foodie Adventure: Joule
Now for the other F… food!! On Sunday night, I had a dinner date with one of my besties, Laura. We decided to try out Joule, which had recently re-opened in a new location. The owners of Joule also own the popular Korean comfort food restaurant, Revel.



I would consider Joule to be somewhat of a modern, urban Korean steakhouse with a large focus on beef. While I’m not a big meat-eater, I don’t shy away from good quality meat dishes when tempted.

Below are pictures of the menus:



Below are the dishes that we had (pork belly ham, spicy rice cake with chorizo, Chinese broccoli with walnut pesto, short rib steak, and a super delicious sesame chocolate cake).



Right now Presidential votes are being tallied up for the 2012 elections. The suspense is crazy!! I hope it all works out. Only time will tell.

Any big fashion or foodie things going on in your life?

Aaaand breaking news: Obama officially won the presidency for the next 4 years. YES!!!!! That is all.

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