Oiselle Race Kit and Flying

It’s only two days into the week and I already feel like so many fun things have happened.

Oiselle Team Race Kit
First off, yesterday (Monday), Kristin, Oiselle Team manager, was so sweet to drop off my official team race kit at my office. It definitely made for an exciting mid-day pick-me-up. Thanks, Kristin!


As soon as I arrived home after work, I busted into the Oiselle spike bag and squealed!


My Oiselle race singlet, Distance Shorts, Runbow Tee, and the Green Lake Hoodie (Amazon link, as it’s not on the direct site) were all staring at me asking to be worn.

So, of course, I had to try on the singlet and shorts for fit. I’m happy to report that I’m in love! So ecstatic to be wearing this for all of my upcoming races, including this weekend’s Mustache Dache 5K.


Woohoo! Officially a Bird and ready to go fast, take chances.

Homemade Broccoli Soup
After lounging around in my new apparel, I mustered up some energy to make homemade broccoli soup with French bread for dinner. I used this recipe from the Food Network site: The Neely’s Broccoli Soup and followed the recipe pretty similarly except I used vegetable broth instead of chicken (continuing our tradition of Meatless Mondays) and fat-free half and half instead of cream. Also, omitted the homemade croutons as we had Pugliese bread with butter (yum!) to go alongside the soup.


This was absolutely amazing! So simple and so hearty, perfect for a chilly evening. This is definitely a keeper in my recipe pocket.

Flywheel with Aina and Fly Girls


Tonight, I met up with my Fly Girls for an amazing sweaty cycling sesh with Aina. Aina, in my opinion, is my favorite instructor at Flywheel! The class always leaves me completely drained, completely sweat-soaked, and with a huge smile on my face.

Of course, I brought my Nuun hydration and bottle since the girls were all Nuunies! Megan just started her first week at Nuun. Congrats, girl!

The Fly Girls from left to right: Lauren, me, Coach Aina, Rebecca, StacieMegan


Super excited for more Flywheel sessions in the very near future with these girls, especially because they’re awesome and because we have a post-Flywheel tradition of having dinner at Veggie Grill.

Tonight’s Veggie Grill meal was the Grillin’ Chickin, otherwise known as the Joe Special as I always bring this home for him. 🙂


Homemade Meals
Oh, before I forget! I am making a note here that I’d like to bring more of my lunches to work. Breakfasts are always homemade and brought to work. Today I had a new cereal (I usually don’t do cereal; more of an oatmeal or egg sandwich gal) — Kashi Go Lean Crisp, topped with unsweetened almond milk and blueberries. So delicious.


For lunch, I brought a tuna hummus and spinach pita with carrot babies. Yum. See? Simple, healthy, and delicious. It can be done.


Have you done Flywheel? Do you bring your lunches to work?

2 thoughts on “Oiselle Race Kit and Flying

  1. Don’t lie Sarah…you opened that Oiselle bag at work ;). And I actually go home for work every single day for lunch so I guess I sort of “bring my own lunches” by eating something at home!

    • Haha 😉 I took a little peak but waited till I got home to actually take it out of the bag. So hard to resist!

      You’re so lucky that you get to go home for lunch. I’ve had that before and found that I always ate most healthy when I could eat at home.

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