January Favorites

Wow, I have definitely been slow on the get go with blogging in 2013. Sorry, guys. It’s been super busy.

Hey, at least I’m blogging again on the last day of the first month and I find it fitting to do a favorites recap of the month.

Oiselle NYE Party
Well, ringing in the new year at the Oiselle NYE party definitely started off 2013 with a Big Bang! So happy to be a part of this awesome team and I can’t wait to see all the fabulous things to come.

JasYoga with Birds
Doing JasYoga with other birds at HQ was a lot of fun. I’m definitely not stretching enough and doing any yoga. Not good. The good thing is that they specialize in yoga for runners and athletes. The session influenced me to start stretching more and of course putting my legs up the wall. Do it. While you’re at it, check out their blog where they feature awesome tips!

Cheering on Fast K8
Cheering on ridiculously fast Oiselle elite runner Kate Grace at the UW Dempsey track for the UW Invitational this past weekend was so much fun! Many local birds came out to support her first-ever 3K race debut. Smoked it with 2nd place at 8:55:06. Don’t ask me how fast I could run 3K. Wow. Love supporting and cheering for my teammates!





MOH Bestie Run & Grub
Last weekend, one of my besties, fellow Oiselle teammate, and MOH for my upcoming wedding, Becky came up from Portland to spend the Saturday. She loves running just like me so we had a fun time running (despite the soggy rain) 8.5 miles. Luckily, we both had nearly matching outfits with our Oiselle Clearly jackets and Lesley Knickers.



We both also LOVE food so it was only fitting that we went with Joe to Tom Douglas’ Lola where we proceeded to demolish Tom’s Big Breakfast. So yummy and filled with octopus goodness. Yes. Then we all headed to the UW Invitational as mentioned earlier.


Celebrating Birthday & Bowling
Joe and I went to The Garage billiards bar where we celebrated our friend Kelly’s birthday. It was so much fun! I did much better at drinking beer than bowling. I didn’t even break 100 barely.



Poppy Catchup
Laura, one of my besties and Bridesmaid, and I caught up at Poppy a couple of weeks ago. There’s nothing better than catching up with good friends over drink and delicious food. If you haven’t vet tried Poppy, you just, they have a variety of Thalis which include several small potions of various complementary dishes. And the eggplant fries drizzled with honey and sea salt were divine.



Ravishing Evening
My friend Erika and I caught up over dinner earlier this week at Ravish, a very cool bistro and bar. In addition to a wonderful light cocktail, we enjoyed several bites including their Baked Brie and Pigs in a Blanket. Absolutely delicious!



Favorite January Runs
If you follow me on Twitter, it’s no secret that I’ve even battling a bad gluteal muscle spasm injury from early December at the RNR Vegas Half. It’s been tough through the beginning of the year, but I’m happy to say that it seems to be completely better.

I’ve had many quality runs with regards to mileage, though the speed is not where it was before. But, miles are miles and I’m just extremely happy to be back rubbing.

Pictures from some of my favorite run memories:






Eating Healthy & Joining a CSA
So far, I’ve done a fairly good job eating healthy this month! I just signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) in Seattle called New Roots Organics and received my first delivery last week. They specialize in delivering fresh and organic, local veggies and fruits right to your door.

Last week’s shipment was mind-bogglingly huge. This is a Standard Bin, perfect for two or more people.



The bin included items such as Lacinato Kale (dinosaur kale), red bell peppers, onions, crimini mushrooms, baby bok choy, potatoes, red chard, Braeburn apples, minneola tangelos, avocados, green leaf lettuce, etc. Amazing.

Some of the dishes I enjoyed with this bounty:








Company Holiday Party
Joe and I went to his company holiday party post-holidays and I was blown away by how huge the party was. It was located at the WAMU Theater and featured the band Imagine Dragons. So cool.





All of the above are very favorite memories so far in 2013… aside from our amazing trip to Maui for wedding planning.

Coming up tomorrow, Joe and I are headed down to LA and Huntington Beach, CA for the Surf City Half Marathon taking place on Super Bowl Sunday. It’ll be 72 and semi-sunny of Sunday. Have a feeling it’s going to be simply amazing. I have no time goals for this race due to mostly being injured in Dec, so this race will be a great race along the beach to me.

Looking forward to February! How has your January been??

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