Wedding Recap: The Bridal Shower

Just a few weeks after the bachelorette party and a couple weeks after running the Eugene Half Marathon in the Oiselle runaway bride dress, wedding festivities were resumed at full force!

My lovely bridal party threw a fun bridal shower for me that was so thoughtfully planned out. Thank you, Becky, Christy, and Laura! And we missed you Erin (Joe’s sister)!

I felt so grateful to have such a wonderful bridal party and group of girl friends whom I adore attend the shower. What made it even more special was that Joe’s mom, Kathy, and my mom, Morales, were able to attend. This meant so much to me. My mom who lives in Eugene, OR flew all the way up to Seattle the morning of the shower and then after the shower she flew home! The life of a restaurant owner. I was so happy to have so much love in that room.

The bridal shower was held on the top floor of my apartment building’s party room which worked out perfectly. Since our wedding was taking place in Hawaii, they threw a tropical themed shower with many cute details including the following table decor mini umbrellas and sea shells.


There was a wonderful spread of drinks and appetizers including chips, pita and dip, an assortment of chicken satays, veggies, etc. All of it was so delicious. Nothing too heavy for this bride-to-be. 🙂

The masterpiece below was an amazing red velvet cake made by one of Seattle’s best bakeries, Macrina Bakery. Their bakery makes absolutely decadent cakes, treats, breakfast, etc. My mouth was watering from this. So good.


Aren’t these coconut drinking cups and flowers adorable? I loved how the all the details aligned with our destination wedding.


Favors for the guests: yummy smelling lotions.


Prizes for some of the bridal shower games that we played. The bag looks just like our Boston Terrier pup, Lola. How cute!



This was a wonderful idea. It was a pretty guest book with pictures of Joe and I that had been printed off and attached. I now have a little book filled with sweet advice on how to have a long-lasting marriage. Sentimental and valued. I love it.


Here I am with my awesome bridal Crunk cup and my wedding party. I think that I should drink out of this every day.

Me with Maid of Honor Becky:


Me with Matron of Honor Christy:


Me with my lovely bridesmaid Laura:


Let’s get the party started!


One of the games we played involved me pretending like the electricity had gone out and I had to get dressed in the dark. A variety of clothing items were located in a bag and I had to get dressed while blindfolded. Not an easy task, especially in a dress.


Hmm…… some denim overalls that were even too small on me since Becky is so tiny!


Feeling around for what this was supposed to be. It was a Picky Bars visor!


Tada! Definitely a great dresser in the dark. And also notice the Oiselle Runfinity Scarf?


Next up, it was time to open presents from my lovely guests.




We proceeded to have the amazing red velvet cake. Mmm, I still dream about that.

And here’s a group shot of all of the girls including the moms.


This picture is very dear to me with my mom and Joe’s mom both there for the shower.


Me and my mom. 🙂 I love her.


My besties and bridal party! Thank you SO much ladies!


I ended up with an awesome bridal BOW-quet and lots of wonderful memories.


Next up: more wedding festivities fun. Stay tuned!

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