Hello, Brussels Sprouts.

You know how growing up your parents probably made you eat your veggies? I’m definitely going to make my future kids eat veggies but make sure that they’re tasty.

Just the other day at Skillet Diner in Seattle, for my birthday meal, I had my first restaurant side dish of Brussels sprouts. They were sautéed with crispy pancetta and a perfect complement to my butternut squash cream “Mac n Cheese.”


Ever since having those Brussels sprouts, my mind had been stuck on buying a bag of them at Costco. The boy and I decided to go to Costco for a treat ($1.50 for 3 scoops of their Stracciatella gelato in a waffle cone!!) but I had a side goal of buying those Brussels. 🙂

Tonight I made the Brussels sprouts based on a recipe I found on Rachael Ray’s site incorporating 3 slices of bacon and chicken broth. Here’s the recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon The modifications I made were to omit the shallot, reduce the amount of Brussels to 1-pound, reduce low sodium chicken broth to 0.5 cup, and add some minced garlic.


Both Joe and I were impressed by how delicious they were! He even commented that they were better than the Brussels at Skillet. 🙂 Seriously.

I highly recommend this simple and delicious recipe. Next time you hit up Costco, skip the 10-pound bag of grapefruit and go for the Brussels sprouts.

Again, this whole post was written in my WordPress app for IPhone. Loving how much easier this is!

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