Weird Food Combos

After my 5-mile run at the gym and showering, it was already so late — 9pm! Whenever I’m too tired or it’s too late to spend too much energy on cooking, I have some quick go-to meals.

With what I had on hand, I threw together a sandwich comprised of reduced fat cream cheese (or Laughing Cow!), strawberry jam, and egg whites. This sounds like a really weird combo, but it’s amazing. I’m telling’ ya, don’t knock it till you try it. 🙂


On the side, I quickly steamed a serving of broccoli with some crumbled feta sprinkled on top.

This meal, while super simple, was quick and incorporated a lot of the food groups.

The rest of tonight will be catching up on Biggest Loser episodes and having some form of a sweet treat.

Do you have any favorite “weird” food combos?

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