The Longest Long Run

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to make an impromptu trip to Vancouver BC! That makes three weekends up there in 2012 so far. 🙂 What can I say? We love it.

We ended up booking at the Fairmont Waterfront which was right across the street from Canada Place and where the big Holland America Line cruise ships were docked.

View from our room window:


Pretty amazing, huh?

Well, on that Saturday, Joe and I both had to do our long runs for marathon/half marathon training. I had 20 miles on the agenda while Joe had 12. Long runs on vacay. What were we thinking?! Anyway, we got it done by cheering each other on and supporting each other the whole way.

We did a 6 mile out-and-back from our hotel through Stanley Park. Simply breathtaking.



Once the first 12 miles were done, and we were back at the hotel, Joe hopped on one of the hotel’s BMW bikes which were complimentary for Fairmont President’s Club members (also a free membership). Pretty awesome.


With Joe biking next to me the rest of the way I was able to survive the rest of the run. I ended up doing 21.2+ miles as we somehow got split up from each other where the bike and pedestrian paths broke apart. Luckily, great minds think alike as we both thought to run/bike back to the hotel direction. 🙂

Here I am with 3 miles remaining:


Beautiful run in a beautiful city!! Love Vancouver BC. If you ever need any tips on where to go, what to do, and what to eat, I’m happy to give advice.

I’m happy to report that the full marathon is only 17 days away. I feel prepared and ready to dominate. For all you racing newbies, I highly recommend Hal Higdon’s plans. They’ve been on-point!

There’s oh-so-much more to share regarding this trip including the amazing places we dined at and also the surprise engagement!!

Stay tuned for more on this magical weekend.

In the meantime, think of Joe (my-now-fiancé) and I as we head to Portland this weekend to run the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon! Wish us well. 🙂

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