Bagels and Cupcakes Galore!

Today has definitely been a day of eating! Not that I’m complaining. 😉 You all probably know by now that I counterbalance all the running and racing with a good share of good eats.


This morning started off great thanks to Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe. I follow them on Twitter @eltanabagel and have seen them offer up bagels at the end of the day. When they happen to have an overabundance of bagels, they’ll offer them to the food banks of their followers with a special code word.

Well, last week I saw one of these tweets well past their deadline and decided to, jokingly at the time, tweet to them asking them to deliver me free bagels.


To my surprise, they tweeted back and offered to drop me off bagels! They scored major points with me one that one. Companies and businesses that take the time to respond to their vustomers’ inquiries and in a genuine manner is always appreciated. Kudos to Eltana.

We arranged to have them deliver the bagels to my office in South Lake Union today. Just before 9am, Monica the Marketing Manager was at the reception area bearing a huge delivery of bagels — a dozen for myself and two dozen to spread the love to my colleagues. Such a nice thing for them to do!


A little about Eltana from their website:
“All classic bagels, including Eltana bagels, are boiled first and then baked. (Round breads with holes in the middle that are not boiled and baked, we call BSO’s – Bagel-Shaped Objects). Rooted within that classic tradition, there are four things that Eltana does differently than most artisan bagel makers:

1. We hand roll our bagels using a dense dough which yields a product with a scrumptious chew.

2. We boil our bagels in a honeyed water to impart a touch of sweetness to the surface.

3. We seed our bagels top and bottom (and sides) because we don’t want the kids to fight. And because the honey helps the seeds stick and our stone floored oven allows the seeded bagel to slide out intact.

4. We wood-fire our bagels to impart a smokiness and hints of char.”

In addition, they were recently named by Epicurious as one of “The Best Bagel Shops in America.” That is a pretty lofty statement so I just had to try a bagel (or two).

The bagels themselves were very delicious! They’re much chewier and denser than the bagels that I’m used to but come in a smaller size than the giant bagels out there. Like they state on their site, there is definitely a scrumptious chew. In addition, the wood fire definitely gives a hint of smokiness that you don’t find with other types of bagels.


They come in a variety of bagel types — Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Everything, Salt, Wheat, Sesame Wheat — and a selection of savory and sweet spreads.

I particularly enjoyed this Salt bagel:


I would highly recommend that you try the Eltana bagels. I was excited that they offered to bring me bagels and I’m happy to share this info with you! Thanks, Eltana!

As I mentioned earlier, today’s been a day of eating. On top of the delicious bagels, I also had a yummy lunch and evening dessert.

For lunch I decided to wander over to the South Lake Union food truck corner (usually around Harrison & Boren Ave). I’m pretty lucky to be able to try some many wonderful atom Douglas restaurants and food trucks as I work in SLU.

Today’s food truck of choice was Rainy Day Gourmet, a truck I’ve seen before but had never tried. I was in the mood for something comforting and what I choice — Truffled Grill Cheese Sandwich — totally hit the spot.


The bread was wonderfully toasted, the sliced mushrooms perfectly grilled and the cheddar cheese (I think they used cheddar but could be wrong!) became super melty and ooey gooey. It was an amazing grilled cheese, so rich and creamy. In fact, I really almost could not finish it since it was SO rich. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a comfort food lunch, try them out.

Last but not least, I met a new friend that I made through Twitter at a Crave event for female entrepreneurs. The event was located a cute, new cake shop in Green Lake called Cake Envy. Upon getting there I was immediately greeted by the owner who was super personable and nice. The shop prides itself on creating sustainable, local, organic cupcakes. I felt great eating them, of course. 😉 The cupcakes had a very airy texture and wasn’t overly sweet like some other cupcake shops I’ve tried locally. Of course, super sweet also has its place when I’m in the mood.


Today’s been a great day of eating! I consider this carbo-loading ahead of time for this week’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle half marathon. I’m a bit concerned since I haven’t been able to run much since my full marathon accident. I’m hoping that the race doesn’t kill me! Perhaps more cupcakes are in my future post-race?

Check out my new Race Recaps page that I created today.

Who else is running the #RNRSEA?

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