Back It Up

Hi friends, happy Monday! Hope your week has started well and hopefully a little better than mine. Last night I decided to splurge on the new iPad after some consideration over the past few months. I already have the Kindle Fire but wanted the iPad for more web browsing, blogging, and apps capabilities. Would anyone be interested in a Kindle Fire vs. iPad comparison?


I was so excited and still am but ran across a major technology fail. Before web opening up my new toy, I decided to plug in my iPhone 4S to my laptop. Apparently, I hadn’t connected it since I had gotten it last October. Major no-no on my part. As soon as I plugged in, iTunes asked me to either set as a new iPhone (which in my perspective it wasn’t and I didn’t want to completely wipe clean) or restore from an iPhone backup. I chose the latter. Again, major fail. As soon as my iPhone restored and restarted I realize that every single photo (2,000+) that I had taken on the 4S were gone! Disappeared. Wiped clean forever. In its place were photos from my last hard backup performed in May 2011. These consisted of photos I had on my old 3G from 2009-2010. Suffice to say, always always do a hard backup of your phone before upgrading the OS. Otherwise you might be sad like me from having lost all the photos. Though, at least I still have the ones on Facebook and Instagram. Thank goodness. 🙂 Anyway, here’s my beloved my toy:


So excited to play with it! Aside from the iPhone debacle, yesterday’s dinner was pretty unique and delicious. Joe and I met up with his parents at a new-to-us Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo, WA right next to the ferry terminals. They’re known for their wonderful selection of beer and their stone grill entrees. What’s interesting is that we went in there not really knowing what the “stone grill” was.

They had a grape at selection of entrees including seafood and steaks that we’re raw to the table. Patrons receive big platters with a hot stone grill in the middle so that you can cook the meats to the desired outcome. I’m normally not a red meat girl but surprised Joe by ordering the rib-eye.


Cooking my own meat was a very interesting experience. I’m definitely not versed in cooking red meat so had no idea how long to cook it for. Luckily Joe and Joe’s dad provided great guidance. 🙂

If you’re in the Mukilteo or Everett area, I’d recommend going to Diamond Knot Brewery for a great beer and food. Plus, who doesn’t love a place that encourages peanut shell tossing?!

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