Seafair Sunshine and Training

Hi friends! This past week has been such a whirlwind. My days have been jam-packed with running, work, and other fun events such as Seafair.

Have you participated in Seafair? If not, let me tell you that it’s the one weekend out of the year where all the water surrounding Seattle is filled with boats, fun islands, and party people.

This past weekend was the annual Seafair and we went out on a boat all day Saturday. The skies were clear, the sun was out, and the temperature in the 80s — perfect boating weather.


I spent the day with good friends enjoying adult beverages, eating way too many Doritos, and soaking up the sunshine. I had so much sun that I still feel the effects of my sunburn nearly a week after! Word of advice: sunscreen like it’s your job.


In addition to the huge party atmosphere, the air shows are a big hit. The Navy’s Blue Angels, a highly-skilled aero demonstration team, fly their way around Lake Washington. Check out the picture above that I took. So awesome.


Had a blast. If you consider visiting Seattle, think about coming the first weekend of each August to enjoy this fun annual event.

Needless to say, I was unable to do my long run marathon training run on Sunday. Boo. Rather than dwell on this (life happens), I’m kicking myself back into 26.2 or bust training.

This is my training for this week:

  • Mon: 4 mi run (done)
  • Tue: 4 mi run (done)
  • Wed: 8 mi run + 1st game of Underdog kickball fall season (done)
  • Thu: rest
  • Fri: rest
  • Sat: 17 mi run
  • Sun: cross-training (biking?)

I’m not excited about the 17-miler on Saturday, but must get it done. Wish me luck!!

With that, I leave you with Origami Girl. I ran by her during yesterday’s morning 8-miler. Still can’t believe I’ve become somewhat of a morning runner.


Is there anyone in Seattle training for a full who wants a long run buddy?!

2 thoughts on “Seafair Sunshine and Training

  1. Good luck with your 17-miler! I fell off track with my travel schedule this week 😦 I’d love to join you for a long run but I think you’re a lot faster than I am and I’d probably slow you down too much.

    • Hey Rebecca! Would love to long run with you! No worries about pace. 🙂

      I totally hear you on travel impact to running plans. So hard to squeeze everything in.

      I actually feel a cold coming on. Or just fatigue. It’s freezing in my office right now! 😦 Hope my 17-miler goes as planned tomorrow.

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