Back to Back Workouts

Good morning, friends!! Rise and shine. I’m currently blogging on the bus from my way to work. It’s a new concept to me – bussing to work again is so different when I’m used to driving!

Anyway, my day has started off with a big bang already. I set my alarm for ~6:30am and by 6:45am I was out the door for a 7-mile run.

It was a gorgeous morning, not too hot with a little breeze. I ran from Eastlake Ave down to the Burke-Gilman Trail toward the Fred Meyer Ballard & Back. Total of 7.2 miles in 61 minutes. Not too shabby.

Thank goodness I brought my hand-held water bottle filled with Nuun goodness! Otherwise, I would’ve died.

Here’s a gorgeous view of Lake Union during the run:


I’m slowly but surely adopting some morning workouts. Tonight’s the first playoff game for my kickball league, so I had to get my run completed.

The run represented back to back workouts as last night I had a hard sweaty workout at Flywheel which I’ve reviewed before. It was an intense, fun class with Aina and I left with trembling legs and sweat-soaked hair.

At Flywheel I also got to meet up with three other Seattle running bloggers! Rebecca, Stacie, and Lauren. Love meeting other runner/fitness enthusiasts locally. Hit me up and say hi!

Hope you all have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Back to Back Workouts

  1. You are a rockstar for getting 7 miles in after Flywheel! I woke up this morning still pretty tired but surprisingly not as sore as I anticipated :). It was great to meet you and hope to see you again tomorrow at the Adventure Run!

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