20 Miles plus Oiselle Shorts Review

This past weekend I was supposed to run 13 miles as part of my training plan. But, since I knew that this Saturday would be the opener of UW Husky football, I decided to plan ahead and swap the long runs. So, 19 miles became the plan for this past weekend, and I’ll be doing the Labor Day Half Marathon on Monday, 9/3, instead. Love adding more races under my belt. Gotta get another medal rack soon.

My long runs are normally on Saturdays, so on Friday night (with intention of doing the Saturday run), we decided to hit up the OG (Olive Garden) for their Neverending Pasta Bowl. My eyes are always bigger than my tummy so of course I wasn’t able to eat 10 bowls.

Saturday morning came and by feeling my body out and knowing that I just wasn’t feeling the Saturday morning long run, I decided Sunday it was.

Since my morning long run was pushed out a day, we decided to hit up one of my favorite breakfast places, Serious Biscuit, in South Lake Union. Up until a couple months ago, my office was located kitty corner and Joe and I would meet up here for lunch. So good. If you’re a biscuit fan, this is the ultimate in Seattle.

I decided to sway from my norm of the fennel sausage, egg, and pepper relish biscuit, or even the peanut butter, banana, and honey. Instead, they had a special BLT biscuit with Prosser Farms tomatoes, thick-cut bacon, arugula, and a dijonnaise dressing. OMG, guys. This was outstanding.


That afternoon we had a sunny day BBQ to attend. Armed with a recipe for 3-ingredient Nutella cookies from Tasty Kitchen, I set out to make the world’s easiest cookies. They came out pretty good, but a tad bit too sweet for my liking, but definitely satisfying for a sweet tooth. It’s even better as a crumbled topping for yogurt or ice cream.




Sunday morning came and I was completely ready to tackle the 19 miles, which mid-run became 20 miles. I ate my standard pre-long run fuel of bagel topped with PB and chia and was ready to go. Yum.

I suited up in my new Oiselle Roga Shorts, very excited to try out the Roga love that everyone has been raving about. Oiselle is an amazing Seattle-based women’s running apparel company that so many women are crazy about! Myself included. πŸ™‚ Feminine, fashionable, and fully functional running clothes are what us women need. Check out my BFF Becky’s glowing spotlight/review of Oiselle here.


My usual long run path incorporates the Burke-Gilman Trail… well, except for the past two weeks where I ran 6+ loops of Greenlake and then 18 miles in Eugene the weekend after. I decided to switch up some things and incorporate some hills and a new path for the 20 miles. Starting from Eastlake (my ‘hood), I ran to Lake Washington Blvd, down it all the way to Seward Park, a full loop around Seward Park, then re-traced the path back to Eastlake.

This new route was much hillier and elevated than my normal long runs, but hills are essential to training and getting your body acclimated prior to a race.

Check out the beautiful pictures that I snapped along the way:










Wasn’t that gorgeous? Side note: those Honeystinger Lime Chews are SO good!! Quite possibly one of the best tasting ones I’ve ever tried, compared to Clif Shot Bloks, Gu Chomps, etc.

Back at home I re-hydrated with Gatorade and just had to show off my fun running outfit. I was ecstatic with my 20 miles, bumped up from 19 midway through. It’s a good feeling. I also absolutely loved my new Oiselle Roga Shorts and will be getting different colors! What I loved about these shorts are that the waistband are wide yoga-style drawstring and way comfy, unlike a lot of women’s running shorts that have that weird uncomfortable elastic band. In addition, they have a zippered pocket in case you don’t have other means to carry keys, like a Spi-belt, and are light-weight and ultra-flattering. Try them out and you will love them just like the thousands of other run girls out there!


After the 20 miles, Lauren suggested an ice bath. It may be hard to believe, but in all the miles and races I’ve done, I’ve never once tried an ice bath. I totally understand the benefits of doing an ice bath, but I absolutely hate feeling ultra-cold. Luckily, Joe offered to make me one so I just had to try it out.


Yep, it was incredibly painful. Can you tell?? After a few minutes, though, the teeth chattering and icy pain subsided. Friends have provided tips such as drinking hot cocoa or coffee during the ice bath, standing in Lake Union in lieu of the bathtub, etc.


Have you ever done the ice bath? Any tips to share on he to make it more enjoyable?

Happy running to everyone this Labor Day weekend! Enjoy this sunshine while it lasts.

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    • Thanks for the sweet note! I need to!! I am so behind on blogging. I have at least two posts that I need to write up, and then continue this on a regular basis. Work and life have been extremely busy. πŸ™‚

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