Valentine’s Day Love

Every year, Valentine’s Day falls on a very easy day of the year for me to remember. It’s adjacent to my day of birth, so it’s always a time filled with love, laughter, treats, and festivities.

This year definitely is a milestone for me — it’s the last Valentine’s Day as a Ms. Next year, I’ll be a Mrs. And I love this.

Valentine’s Day to me is still a special day even despite the commercialization of the holiday. I personally love cards regardless of whether they’re handmade, store-bought or e-card. The feelings behind them make it special.

I also love anything pink and girly such as my nail polish — Shopping Frenzy from Sephora by OPI.


Here are a couple of wonderful Valentine’s Day running inspired e-cards that Oiselle created. Seriously love these. Make sure to follow Oiselle on Pinterest.



To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Joe and I attended our second Crossfit session. This is a great decision for the both of us as a way to motivate ourselves to kick our butts in shape for the wedding. Only 3.5 months away. Ahhh!

I think that I shall do some blog posts recapping each session, the workouts, and the results. What do y’all think?

CrossFit Day 1:

A key component of any workout includes proper fueling and hydration. Before my first Crossfit session on Tuesday, I had to have my Picky Bars and also my beloved Nuun Hydration



At the first session, Joe and I (along with two other Crossfit newbies) covered the fundamentals of warmups, squats and barbell squats. We then finished our workout with the following:

  • 400m sprint
  • 30 weighted ball slams
  • 400m sprint
  • 20 weighted ball slams
  • 400m sprint
  • 10 weight ball slams
  • I completed this in around 9 minutes and was dying at the end. The combination of squats and the ball slams made for the sensation of burning lungs. Despite being a marathon/distance runner, I have so much room for fitness improvement.


    CrossFit Day 2:
    In tonight’s workout, we learned the fundamentals of barbell overhead presses. I must say that I had quite difficulty with this. My arms are quite weak because I lack strength training, so I’m so looking forward to building up strength in the upper body.

    We ended the workout with 3 sets of 500m rowing as fast as possible. Rowing is no joke. I was out of breath and energy by the end.



    Of course, Joe and I finished off our romantic Valentine’s Day with Subway for dinner. Subway with Cafe Yumm sauce and Sriracha totally ups the flavor.


    Joe and I exchanged a gift for Valentine’s Day and he surprised me with a Polar fitness watch! So excited. I squealed. πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting a fitness/non-GPS running watch for cross-training workouts like Flywheel and Crossfit. This is going to make tracking progress of workouts so much easier.


    Seriously so happy. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I suggest going to theOiselle website to pick up a few of my new favorite things. I treated myself to an early birthday present last week and was ecstatic when my goodies arrived!


  • Lux Layer in Heather Ribbon
  • Winona Tank
  • Base Runner Top in Rhody
  • Roga Short in Poppy
  • Time Out Sweatpants
  • Arm Warmers in Poppy
  • Straight Leg Run Pant
  • And while we’re on the topic of love:

    Handmade Shanghai noodles – we got this for takeout to celebrate Chinese New Year.


    This Michael Kors jacket in Oiselle Greg green color at Nordstrom Rack.


    Veggie Grill is the best as usual but even more amazing because they sent me a birthday entree coupon as part of the Veggie Grill Club.


    NARS makeup and visiting Sephora = makeup heaven.


    Sweet potatoes/Garnet yams with chopped turkey sausage and peppers. Topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt.



    2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Love

    1. Random question – why are there cubbies full of shoes at your crossfit gym? I noticed that in the pictures and can’t figure it out? Just curious πŸ™‚

      • Hey Hattie, the cubbies full of shoes are the special weightlifting shoes that this CrossFit gym has all members wear during lifting exercises. Apparently, the shoes are made with much sturdier bottoms which are beneficial for lifting. Those shoes are all owned by the members and left there and the bottom row contains communal shoes. Pretty cool! πŸ™‚

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