Delicious Simplicity

Sometimes the best meals and the most healthy meals are ones that are thrown together with simple, easy ingredients.

While sipping on a glass of delicious Cupcake Vineyards red wine (a really good find at Costco’s amazing wine section!) with Joe, we were totally at a loss as to what sounded good for din. Did we want to make an easy pasta dish? Did we want to grab dinner at a restaurant?

After a few more sips of wine, I decided that what sounded best would be a healthy at-home meal. And, seriously, what resulted was absolutely delicious!


Here’s what I ended up using for my portion:

-4.5 ounces broccoli
-1 cup of brown rice
-1 ounce Costco seasoned rotisserie chicken, shredded, leftover from last night (I’ve decided that we should buy this every week!)
-0.5 tablespoons Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce
-Dash of Sun Luck chili sauce
-1 tablespoon of Yumm sauce (I stock up on a couple quarters each time I visit home from Cafe Yumm in Eugene, OR
-Couple teaspoons of Sriracha
-Good sprinkling of red pepper flakes, Mrs. Dash

Basically sauté the broccoli in a little olive oil, add the shredded chicken and brown rice, and add the rest of the ingredients. 🙂 Heat through. Top with Yumm sauce and squeeze some Sriracha on!


Just a tip: If you’ve never been to Oregon and tried the deliciousness of Cafe Yumm and their amazing sauce, you are missing out. But never fear! I hear that Mama Pea’s recipe for Mmmm Sauce is a great wannabe and taking the blog world by storm. Can’t wait to try and see if this is nearly the real day… that is if I ever run out of my beloved Yumm sauce!

Here’s to good healthy eats even on nights when takeout sounds the most convenient. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Delicious Simplicity

    • Yes! There’s one right by there. It began in Eugene but they’ve spread to several locations throughout Oregon. You should try the Peas & Thank You wannabe recipe! Or, next time I go to Oregon I can pick you up a bottle. Soooo good. Best sauce ever.

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