Oldie but Goodie: NWM Run the Runway 2011

As I perused my pictures preparing to do some Facebook album uploadin’, I remembered that I had done the Nike Women’s Marathon’s Run the Runway fashion show back in October!

NWM Run the Runway was such an awesome experience. Never before have I gotten to sport the latest fashions and actually walk a runway in front of a large crowd. The adrenaline rush was crazy!

Here’s a pro picture that I took. While I don’t foresee a future in modeling, I’ll live it up while I can and look back and reminisce about the cool experiences I’ve had. Smile

Run the Runway

Oh! And not sure if I’ve actually mentioned this on the blog, but I have three races coming up this summer. Running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland 1/2 Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Full Marathon, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon all within a matter of a month! Crazy, huh?!

I’ve been training for the full marathon and already in my 6th week of training. I’ll post more about my training plan and how it’s going so far in an upcoming blog post.

Have a great night!

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