Fremont Solstice 2012

Good morning and Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

Yesterday was filled with a lot of friends, adult beverages, and…… naked bike riders. Yep, you heard right.

First off, we hit up a neighborhood bar and grill for breakfast and a morning cocktail. I had the screwdriver to prepare myself for the day:


Every year there’s a weekend festival and parade in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle celebrating the beginning of summer (hence the Solstice Parade). One portion of the event that draws huge crowds is the naked bike riding, which kicks off the parade.

Imagine body-painted and decorated naked people riding their bikes all parade-like, getting cheered on, and loving every moment. That’s basically it. Some people get really extravagant with their body decorations.

The Ninja Turtles showed up to the party:



The rest of the day was filled with beer and hanging out with friends (like the special friend I made below):


I’m paying for the beers today with a slight headache. Luckily, the times I drink are very few and far between due to the races and training for them. It’s good to let loose every so often!


Six more days till the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle half marathon, my 3rd time running this race, and my 4th race of the year. Let’s hope I survive with all the rest from exercise I’ve had to take the past two weeks. 🙂

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