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Wow, this whole past week had flown right by! So much has happened in the past week so I’ll give a highlight of what went down for your reading pleasure.

Last Saturday was the Red Rubber Showdown, an annual all-day kickball and day-drinking fest. There’s even party buses that drive teams from the playfields to sponsored bars.


Our team, the Great White Sharts (this is not a typo), barely missed moving to the next round with a 2-1 record during the tourney. Sadly, the one game we lost we lost by one point.

Oh well…. onto next year’s RRS and our current Summer league playoffs. I love how fun this game is! Doesn’t hurt that we celebrated with lots of beer.


This past week was officially my first week back into marathon training. I might be crazy for running my 2nd full marathon only four months after my first, but I am determined to redeem my performance aka the fall! Mind over matter.

I’m following Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 2 program, which I followed by RNR SD. I highly recommend Hal’s plan for all levels. This one’s an 18-week training plan, but I’m starting at week 8 for this training cycle as the Portland Marathon is on October 7th.

Last week, my fitness activities were as follows:

  • Tue: 4 mile run
  • Wed: 6 mile run
  • Sat: 14 mile run
  • Sun: 27 mile bike ride
  • My long run on Saturday was the longest run I’ve down since the full Mary in the first week of June. Aside from this long run, I did the two half marathons so hadn’t completely lost my base.

    This long run was definitely hard coming into my first week of marathon training. Not sure I’d recommend anyone else to jump right in, but I made it through fine. My mantra was “go steady, don’t stop.”

    Luckily I had my trusty Nathan Intensity Race Vest during the run which helped keep me hydrated the whole time. In my hydration pack I had my yummy Nuun Active Hydration Tablets in Tri-Berry. Plentiful electrolytes to replenish myself without the added sugar.

    Here are some pictures I took along my run on the Burke-Gilman Trail:
    My boo crossed paths with me a couple miles from the house during his own run:

    Done!! Now onto the amazing dinner I had with Joe at Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Seattle. My dinner platter was bigger than I was. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, but I sure had fun trying to devour the whole thing.

    On Sunday Joe and I busted out our road bikes for an epic ride along the Burke-Gilman Trail, the same trail I ran the day before. I was so excited to try out my new Pearl Izumi Women’s Attack Short, super padded in just the right places.


    Luckily I had these babies on. What started at a 10+ mile bike ride turned into 27 miles total. I would’ve been chafed without them on!


    All in all, it’s been a very active week in our household. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my fun activities this week.

    For now, I will leave you a link to an amazing recipe on Emily’s site for Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread. I made this last night and it was simply amazing! Super moist with the addition of Greek yogurt, plump full of blueberries, and healthy.



    And… this is too adorable not to post. Lola loves Clif as well, just the scent of the wrapper.


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